The Prime Minister announces lockdown extension till May 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 10.00 am IST to announce the extension of lockdown period till May 3. The Prime Minister also said that the government would allow conditional relaxations to resume highly important activities in some areas which are not COVID-19 hot spots. The conditional relaxation would be permitted after April 20.

These are the key highlights from the Prime Minister’s address to the nation:

-Businessmen asked to act sensitive towards employees and not indulge in retrenchment

-Government of India to come up with extensive guidelines tomorrow

-Citizens to stay indoors till May 3

-Citizens asked to download ‘AarogyaSetu’ app for COVID-19 information tracking

-Advise to take special care of senior citizens and elders at homes

-Follow the guidelines of Ayush Ministry to improve immunity levels

-Fight against coronavirus to get more robust in the coming week

-Government is ensuring proper supply of ration and medicines

-Areas out of COVID-19 hot spot to get conditional relaxation

-Lockdown to be extended till May 3

The Prime Minister also stated that the lockdown period might seem threatening to the economic state of the country, but this is the right decision that ensures the safety of the lives of Indians, above all. Narendra Modi also mentioned that India decidedthe21 days nationwide lockdown when only 550 positive coronavirus cases were observed in the country, making us survive this fight from a far better position than many other developed countries in the world. The PM also appreciated and praised the citizens of the country for maintaining the lockdown situation even during times of festivities.

The Prime Minister has ordered senior government officials and the union ministers to resume their duties at the office. Following the PM’s orders, the officials returned to work at their Delhi offices since yesterday.

PM Narendra Modi’s speech also highlighted that a broad census result stated that the nationwide lockdown period should be extended at least for another two weeks to control the spread of the coronavirus. The result of the census was discussed in the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers on Saturday.

India has tested positive to 1,211 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, making the country cross the 10,000 mark today.


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