Telegram Messenger now supports video messages

Telegram Messenger now supports video messages

If you are a Telegram user, you could now send video messages for your recipients to view in case they are offline. You also have multiple new animation effects to choose from.

“Video messages are a great way to check in on friends and family, with new animations that follow the sound of your voice,” states Telegram in an official blog post.

Video messages are a good way to send out essential messages such as reminders, and important information. These flash up right when your recipients go online and vice-versa.  There are multiple new animation modes to choose from.

Telegram Messenger, as we have used, has seemingly improved drastically over the last couple of months. These improvements include the likes of voice calls being enhanced.

Now, it seems that during the lockdown, the technical folks behind the app could have incorporated multiple enhancements leading to the improvements in the voice calling quality. In fact, now, voice calls through Telegram have also seemingly overtaken that of the calls made through usual cellular networks.

We also checked out international calls and found that the quality and clarity of voice was crystal clear. We are definitely happy with this feature. It seems that the current lockdown has brought the best out of Telegram.


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