All Vodafone Idea Stores Closed in Certain Regions, Is it due to Corona?Or?

Everything closed!

With Corona Virus spreading its tentacles in India rapidly, the service providers have also seemingly been hit. This is evident when we consider the fact that Vodafone Idea has downed its shutters of physical retail stores at least in Bengaluru.

As of now, it is vital that people do not go out to these stores and instead prefer to interact with customer care digitally or recharge online.  Also,  at this juncture, it is worth noting that Vodafone-Idea has been hit by the most recent Supreme Court ruling regarding AGR and various penalties it owes to the Indian government’s Department of Telecommunications.

Some experts have been contemplating that the telco would go for insolvency proceedings as it is believed that Vodafone-Idea does not possess enough reserves to pay off debts that as per the DoT are Rs 53000 crores. However, the Vodafone-Idea insolvency is only rumoured for now.

Nonetheless, Vodafone-Idea stores today had downed shutters in most parts. Not only this telco, but also others seemingly resorted to downing shutters of their brick-and-mortar retail stores in Bengaluru – likely throughout the state of Karnataka and India. What do you make of this?


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