Alia Bhatt assures ‘magic is all around us’ as she spends her lockdown reading Harry Potter

The lockdown has made everyone find out ways to keep themselves busy. This includes our celebs too! From cooking, reading poetry, dancing, baking, working out to binging on movies, all our favorite Bollywood stars have been trying to spend their time doing something they love.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has been staying at home and keeping herself busy and entertained. From working out, baking banana bread to spending time with her cats, Alia has been using the time off from work and making sure she spends it as creatively as possible. She recently shared a glimpse of herself spending time reading J.K Rowling’s book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Alia’s sister Shaheen Bhatt is a voracious reader and also an author. She was super excited and expressed her happiness when Alia revealed that she’s now reading Harry Potter!

On Thursday, Alia took to social media to share a photo of herself sitting in a corner of her office and reading Harry Potter’s first part. Alia was seen deeply engrossed in the book and did not look at the camera. Alia seemed to be extremely engaged in Harry’s story. With the photo, Alia also penned a sweet caption to assure fans that magic is all around them and all one needs to do is feel it.  Alia captioned the photo as, “Magic is all around us, we just have to feel it… or read it!! :)Coming VERY soon.” Not just this, Alia also hinted at a surprise coming up for her fans as she shared the photo. A few days back, Alia had also shared a photo of Harry Potter’s first part and had captioned it as, “I’ve made a new friend.” Another book suggestion that Alia shared with her fans and it was Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs.


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